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Airtime provides two different player widget styles for your website: a simple version and a cover art version. The cover art version of the widget provides matching cover art based on the currently playing track’s metadata, if available. Both versions of the widget have optional social media buttons, automatic stream selection, and are embeddable with a single line of code.


To select a widget, click on the preview at the top of the Player pane, either the simple version or the cover art version.

Below the widget previews, you have the option to further customise your widget by adding a title, selecting a stream and customising your social media links.


To change the title in your Player widget, input a new title in the text box provided. The default text is “Now Playing”. Without resizing the widget, we recommend a maximum of 19 characters for a title in the original simple widget. The widget size of the original simple widget can be manually adjusted by changing the iframe height and width in the code, as highlighted below:


In this section, you can also select a default Stream for your widget using the checkboxes. If you are unsure, you can let Airtime select the most appropriate Stream automatically by selecting the auto-detect setting (recommended). Note that if you are broadcasting on an Airtime Pro Hobbyist account, you only have one stream.


By default, there are no social media buttons on your Player widget. To enable the social media buttons for your widget, click the checkbox beside the type of social media that you would like to add: Twitter, Facebook or Embed. The target pages for the Twitter and Facebook buttons can be changed in Airtime by selecting Settings > Radio Page. You can read more about how to update those links here.

Entering new text, changing the default Stream or updating the social media buttons will update the code and the Preview automatically, just don't forget to click the SAVE button to implement any changes you have made.

Enabling the Embed button lets listeners access the code to put a player widget for your station on their own website. Before embedding your Player Widget, be sure to consult the music licensing regulations for your region. Don't forget to hit the SAVE button to update your changes to the player widget.


Finally, to use the Player Widget on your website, copy the code in the Embeddable code text box and paste it into your website HTML. You can only use either the simple widget, or the cover art widget, but not both at the same time.

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