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Facebook widget

In order to use the Facebook Widget, first set up a Facebook profile to which you would like to attach your radio station widget.

The Facebook widget allows you to add a tab to your Facebook page that directs people to a copy of your Radio Page within the Facebook website.

To get started with the Facebook widget, click the blue Add to My Facebook Page button visible once you select the Facebook tab under Widgets. This will direct you to log in to Facebook.

Once you’ve logged in to Facebook, select the Facebook page to which you would like to add the tab and click the Add Page Tab button.

You can make the tab more visible by rearranging your Facebook page tabs. In Facebook, select the Manage Tabs option from the More drop-down menu.

Move the Radio Player tab to a higher position in the list, then Click Save. This will ensure that the Radio Player tab is always visible rather than being hidden under the More menu.

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