What is the difference between Booktype and Omnibook?

Booktype is the open source content management software for book publishing on which Omnibook is built. Booktype is a powerful web-based collaborative book publishing tool. With Booktype, you can publish several books at a time. It has a full range of features including image editing, team management, importing text, commenting, editing and easy publishing to multiple platforms. Whether you are collaborating or writing independently, rushing to meet deadlines, or taking your time - after you have worked with Booktype, you will never think of publishing the old way again.

You can read more about Booktype here:

More questions about Booktype? Find the manual here.


Onmibook is a free mini version of Booktype that was released in conjunction with National Novel Writing Month. Omnibook has all the same functionality as Booktype 2.0, but Omnibook is limited to one book per user. Discover your inner author with Omnibook.

You can read more about Omnibook here:

Also check out the Omnibook FAQs here:

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