Analytics - History Templates

How to create a new template

History Templates are available for you to customize the columns information displayed in your Playout History logs. You can access the templates by selecting Analytics > History Templates.

You can set different log styles for the Log Sheet and File Summary, but the process to create the templates are the same.


Step 1: Click on the New Log Sheet Template button: Either New Log Sheet Template or New File Summary Template depending on which type of log you would like to create. These refer to which type of log you are viewing. You can have different column set-ups for each.

Step 2:  Click the + icon to add new columns from the categories on the right.

Step 3: Remove unwanted columns by clicking in the trash icon, from the categories on the left.

Step 4: Name your template by typing in the textbox, then click the Save button.

Step 5: Set your new template as default to enable it.

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