Integration: Spinitron with Airtime Pro

Spinitron integration with Airtime Pro!

Spinitron is a 3rd-party website that logs your playlists, tracks, and albums. Spinitron helps archive them and provides a new way for listeners to discover your station’s content. With Airtime Pro’s Spinitron integration, you can send your track metadata directly to Spinitron. Spinitron does a great job of formatting and timestamping your playlists so that reports can be easily generated for compliance reporting or popularity statistics. 

Listeners can browse the Spinitron website to find your albums you’ve aired, your playlists and your radio station’s schedule.  

You can read more about Spinitron here:

Note that if you have already configured your Airtime station to work with Spinitron v1, you will need to contact Eva on the Spinitron team in order to upgrade to using Spinitron v2 because you will need new login information and access token. (617 233 3115 or )

Once you’ve signed up for a Spinitron account, your station will have its own page within the Spintron website. You can start automatically sending track metadata from Airtime Pro to Spinitron by following the directions below.

Once set up, on your station’s Spinitron page, listeners will be able to browse tracks by date, DJ or show. If a listener chooses to buy a track aired on your station through the Spinitron website interface, your radio station will receive a portion of the proceeds.

Learn why you want to use Spinitron with Airtime here:  


Steps to set up automatic Spinitron integration:

  1. Contact Spinitron to get a login and account details from Spinitron.
  2. Input your Spinitron account details into the Airtime Pro interface.
  3. Log in to the Spinitron website.
  4. Set up your Spinitron station page, and check the API & automation details.
  5. Confirm and edit your playlists on the Spinitron website.

Once your Spinitron integration is completed, you will have a station page within the Spinitron site that logs all of the tracks that you have aired for your listeners to browse. 

Step 1: Contact Spinitron.

To get started using Spinitron, you must first contact the Spinitron team to set up an account. Send an email to You will need to let them know the station name you would like to display, the station address, your name and your e-mail address.

Step 2: Input the Spinitron details into Airtime Pro.


Once you have a login from Spinitron, you will need to set up the Spinitron integration within Airtime. Click on Settings > General > Spinitron Settings.

Enter the Station, Email, and Password provided for you by Spinitron into your Airtime interface.  Make sure that the Publish my track metadata to Spinitron checkbox is selected. Then click the SAVE button at the top or the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Log in to the Spinitron website.

Login to the Spinitron website to set up your Spinitron station page and the auto-import of the tracks being aired on your station.

Step 4: Check your automation details in Spinitron.

Once you’ve logged in, go to your Automation Control Panel. 

If you want to automatically send track data from Airtime to Spinitron, make sure that Full Automation or Live Assist is enabled so that Spinitron can receive the metadata from Airtime Pro.

Step 5: Check your playlists in Spinitron.

Once tracks have been aired on your Airtime Pro station, you will see tracks begin to populate playlists automatically within the Spinitron interface. You can manually edit the track entries from the Spinitron interface to correct or enhance the entries in your Spinitron music database.

You can browse or edit your playlists from the Spinitron interface. 


Airtime Pro is not affliated Spinitron, if you have further questions about Spinitron, please contact the Spinitron support team. 

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