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There are usually several different options for obtaining music licensing for your region. Airtime Pro is not responsible for providing licensing. Below is just one example about how to register for music licensing. is a service that allows you to licence content for the US and Canada. Airtime Pro is compatible with their service and you can set your station up with StreamLicensing in several minutes.

After logging into, click on the +Add Stream button. Once you do you'll see the form below.


First, make sure that your Server type is set to Icecast-KH. For the name field, you're welcome to fill in whatever you'd like. To find the corresponding fields in Airtime Pro, click on Settings -> Streams. You'll then need to make sure to expand the additional options as shown here:


Below we've highlighted the fields you'll need to use to fill in your form on


 You'll take the fields above and fill them out your stream page. Below is what an example page would look like with the information from the stream above.


 If you have any questions about this, don't hesitate to fill out a ticket or contact the support team. 


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