What is metadata?

Metadata is information about tracks in your library. You can directly edit all of the metadata for your Tracks from within the Airtime interface. Read about how to do that in the full Airtime Pro manual here.

Having accurate metadata (artist, title, album year, etc.) is not only important for royalty reporting, but also for your listeners to be able to identify the tracks that they are listening to when they tune in to your station. Accurate metadata is also important if you plan on using Airtime Pro’s built-in Twitter feature, or submitting your station to online radio directories such as TuneIn.

Metadata helps us to describe, sort and retrieve tracks within your Airtime library. The more accurate your metadata, the better your Rotations, Smart Blocks and Playlists will be. 

Metadata informs you about the song title, author, keywords and maybe even the year it was produced. All of this information is tagged onto the file and it enables Airtime to search for the tracks we want to use.

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