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Desks are the way teams are organised within Superdesk. They can be similar to desks that would be found in a traditional newsroom; for example sports desks, foreign desks, editor’s desks, etc. Desks can be configured to contain different stages and users.


The Desks menu is the blue drop-down menu found at the top of the Superdesk interface, to the right of the Hamburger Menu icon. It always displays the name of the desk you are currently working on. Users can only view and edit articles on the desks to which they are assigned.

When you switch Desks using the Desks menu, the Dashboard tab, Monitoring tab, Highlights, and Spike will reflect the Desk that you have navigated to. The Search feature, on the other hand is Desk-independent. If you want to search only your current Desk, you can either use the Advanced Search features, or you can search keywords using the search bar at the top of the Monitoring pane. (All of the icons in the Workspace Panel are described in detail in this chapter.)


Each user also has an option to create a private Custom Workspace within the Desks menu. In this menu, desks are in blue and Custom Workspaces are in purple. Private Custom Workspaces are useful for setting up custom monitoring widgets on your private Dashboard, and storing drafts of articles until they are ready to be sent to a Desk.

If you are assigned to more than one desk, you might be assigned a default desk in your user profile. This will affect which desk you are directed to when you log in. Depending on how your Superdesk is configured, logging into the system will take you to either your private workspace, to your most recently used Desk, or to whichever Desk is assigned as your default desk in your profile settings. Be sure to check which Desk you are directed to when you log in.


In the Monitoring tab, Desks are divided into Stages, which are areas set up to receive content, to organise it in workflow (for sub-editing, revision etc), and to display the desk’s incoming and output content.

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