Manual - User Management

The User Management admin tool allows administrators to create, disable, edit and delete Superdesk user profiles.

Admins can access the User Management settings from the Hamburger menu in the top-left corner of the Superdesk interface.

When you open the User Management menu, you will see a complete alphabetical list of all the Superdesk users for your news organisation. You can search for a specific user using the search icon at the top of the User Management pane. There is also a checkbox you can select to only display users that are currently logged in to Superdesk.

In the list, online users are marked with a solid green circle next to their User icon. Admins are marked with a gear icon on the top-left of their User icon. Special notes about inactive/ disabled users will appear in pink next to the user names.

This is the Create icon.

In the top-right corner of the User Management window, you can use the Create icon to add new users to your Superdesk instance. Clicking the Create icon will open a tab on the right where you can input all the data for your new user. 

You can change the new user profile picture by clicking on the round grey User icon. You must input all the mandatory fields before you can save the new user profile. In the blank form, mandatory fields are marked by an asterisk. Once you click the blue SAVE button that appears at the top of the tab, an email will be sent to the user with instructions to set up their password and login information.

Clicking on a profile in the main User Management list will open a preview tab on the right. You can change the information in the text boxes, and then click the SAVE button that appears at the top of the user profile tab once changes have been made. In this tab you can also change the user role and their default topic desk. Changing a user role will affect the permissions and privileges of the user. There is a blue toggle at the top of each user profile tab. Switching the toggle to the off position will set the user to be inactive. This prevents them from logging in to Superdesk.

Users can also be deactivated by hovering over the user entry in the User Management list and selecting the trash icon that appears to the right of the user entry. Deactivated users will not be able to sign in to Superdesk. The skull icon allows you to clear all the user sessions.

If a user has forgotten their Superdesk password, admins can open the user profile tab and click the reset password link to send an email to the user with instructions on resetting their password.

Clicking on the VIEW FULL PROFILE link at the top of the user information tab will open a new window where you can see the user’s activity stream. This is also where admins can edit specific user permissions by clicking on the Privileges tab in the top-left corner. The information displayed in the Overview tab is the same as what was visible in the previous user information tab.

To return to the User Management list, click the blue arrow icon in the top-left beside the user profile name.

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