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Content Filters allow you to create a series of criteria through which Superdesk can narrow down the news items and create news item groupings. These Content Filters allow you to build various Products for distribution. You can use any number of Filter Conditions, or Content Filters to automatically select the content for the Product.

To get started with Content Filters, click on the Hamburger menu > Settings > Content Filter. You will notice that there are three tabs along the top of the Content Filters pane: Filters, Filter Conditions and Filter Search.


To create a new Filter Condition, click the Filter Condition tab along the top, then click ADD NEW button in the top-right corner.  A new window will open. The NAME field is for labelling your filter condition, using a descriptive name will help others understand what your filter does.

The Field drop-down allows you to select which part of the item to look at when filtering. In the above example, this filter condition looks for items that have the genre ‘sport’. The OPERATOR field includes both ‘in’ and ‘nin’, which are includes and does not include respectively. 

To create a new Content Filter, click the FILTERS tab and then click ADD NEW button in the top-right corner.


The GLOBAL setting toggle allows other users with access to Content Filters to see the filter you’re creating. You can add other content filters to your current one and build upon those, or add new Filter Conditions. In the above example the Content Filter is set up to find items that have the genre ‘sport’ and does not include the keyword ‘baseball’, so all items that relate to sports, but not baseball. To test the filter, find an item that should pass your filter and an item that should not pass your filter. Put the article ID in the FILTER TEST field and click TEST. If the content filter works as intended, click the SAVE button.

Read more about Content Filters in the Superdesk Manual.

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