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A Highlight List is a curated selection of articles that can be shared with other users. Highlight Lists are configurable digests or summaries of the newest and most important content in a Desk. Highlight Lists can also be easily packaged and published. If you are unable to add articles to a Highlight List, or create a new one, check with your Superdesk admin to verify your account has the correct privileges.

New Highlight Lists can only be created in the Hamburger menu, by selecting Settings > Highlights.

You can view the Highlight Lists by clicking on the star-shaped Highlights icon in the Workspace Panel.

You can have several Highlight Lists at a time to deliver relevant content organized by priority, topic or interest. Articles can be added to Highlights Lists from various stages such as published articles, rough drafts, or simply items that have been recently fetched to a desk. Ingested articles must be first fetched to a desk before they can be included in a Highlight List.

This is the Action Menu.

To add an article to a Highlight List, find the article that you wish to add in either the Monitoring, Search or Content sections of the Workspace Panel. When you hover over the articles, the Action menu will appear.


When you find an article you’d like to add to a Highlight List, hover over the article to display the Action Menu on the right. Hover over Mark for highlight and choose the Highlight List to which you’d like to add the article. New Highlight Lists can be created by users with the correct permissions in the Hamburger menu by selecting Settings > Highlights.

A single article can be part of multiple Highlight Lists. A red star will appear beside the article title to let you know that the article has been added to a list. If the article appears in more than one Highlight List, you will see a doubled star beside the article title.

When you are viewing the Highlight Lists there is a blue CREATE button in the top-right corner of the Highlights window. Clicking on this will open a new tab that allows you to create a package from articles in the Highlights List.

Once you have created and named your package, select articles from the Highlight List by clicking on the checkboxes in the left column, then click the Add to Current Package icon in the top of the article list window.

Read more about creating and curating Highlight lists in the Superdesk manual.

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