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The Publish Queue contains a list of all published items and their associated destinations. Depending on user permissions, not all users will be able to access the information in the Publish Queue. Users can access the Publish Queue from the Hamburger menu in the top-left corner of the Superdesk interface.

Depending on user permissions, not all users will be able to access the information in the Publish Queue menu item.


If an article failed to publish successfully, you will see that recorded in the Publish Queue and you have the option to resend the item directly from the Publish Queue panel.

When content is labeled as "published" in Superdesk, it only means that somebody hit the PUBLISH button. If the news item doesn’t pass through Content Filters, get assigned to a Product and Subscriber with a Destination, the content stays in Superdesk but can still be marked as published within the Monitoring view.

The Publish Queue gives Superdesk users an overview on what has been sent out, and what has actually been received by your Subscribers.

Within the Publish Queue can see and search for published content items. You can also search by Subscriber, Destination, and their publishing status. Within the Publish Queue, you can also cancel or resend the items.


The Publish Queue displays a list of all of the items that are scheduled to be published, or have been published. Every article in the Publish Queue comes with a unique number identifier and a sequence number. The Status column will tell you if an article failed to publish successfully.

The action column on the far right of the article entry has a button to resend an article. It is possible to resend articles that have successfully published, as well as items that have failed to publish. If you choose to resend an article, the Unique Name identifier will stay the same, but a new sequence number will be assigned.

Clicking on an article in the Publish Queue will open a tab on the right with an article summary. You will see tabs for item content, metadata, duplicates and full item history. Note that items cannot be edited from the Publish Queue.

Navigate through the Publish Queue by using the page arrows beside the search icon at the top of the Publish Queue window.

Sort the view order of the news items in the Publish Queue list, by clicking the Subscriber, Ingest Provider, Content type, or Status drop-down menus along the top of the Publish Queue window and selecting from the displayed options. For example, the Status drop-down menu is displayed above.

Search the Publish Queue by clicking on the search icon and inputting keywords from the article headline.

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