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There are several steps to defining publishing in Superdesk. 

The first step to publishing in Superdesk allows users to create automatic rules that are used to group published news items together. This means that you can use one instance of Superdesk to publish specific content to multiple destinations. These rules are called Content Filters.

Products are then created based on the application of those Content Filters. The simplest Product would be a Product with no Content Filters applied. In that case, every item that is published will be part of the Product. Products also define the delivery method of the content that is being published. 

The next step is to set up Subscribers. Setting up Subscribers lets you link Products with Destinations. Subscribers might be news agency customers, but in the world of digital publishing you can think of them as of publications. For each Subscriber, you can define the Products. Products are how the news items are sent to your Subscribers, including formats and delivery methods, and the Destination to where they should be published.

Once you’ve attempted to publish your items, you can check the details, or resend the item from the Publish Queue. Once successfully published to your Subscribers, all of your news items will be saved in your Legal Archive.


Steps to publishing in Superdesk

1) Make Content Filters

2) Create Internal Destinations (optional)

3) Create Products (applying Content Filters)

4) Define Subscribers (associating Products and Destinations)

5) Publish your news items to your Subscribers

6) Check your Publish Queue to see if the news item published successfully

7) View your Legal Archive (optional)


Read more about publishing in the Superdesk manual.

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