How do I promote my station using social media?

Social media can be the best way to attract more listeners to your station. There are many established social media platforms that you can use. You might find that some platforms work better for you than others. Some social media platforms are more general in the media they support, such as Facebook and Twitter, while others are specifically geared towards radio media, such as TuneIn.

If you are new to social media, Facebook and Twitter are good platforms to start with. Airtime Pro provides a Radio Page widget for Facebook and you can send messages with Twitter directly from the Airtime interface. Detailed instructions for setting up these widgets are found in the Airtime Features section of this help desk.

You can create a Facebook page for your radio station at

You can create a Twitter page for your radio station at

TuneIn is a free-to-use online radio library to which you can connect your Airtime station. Users can search for and listen to your radio station through the TuneIn website:  TuneIn is a great way to attract new listeners to your Airtime station. The listeners that find you through TuneIn will count towards your total listener count.

Social media platforms are a great tool, but there are other ways to promote your station. You might find that your best tool for promoting your station is to tell people about it. Encourage them to listen to your station and follow your social media updates on Facebook or Twitter.

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