How do I navigate Live Blog?

When you log in to your Live Blog instance, you will be taken to the current Blog List.

The Blog List view shows all the blogs in your Live Blog instance. Blogs that are greyed out are blogs that you do not currently have access to. Blog that you can access are in full colour. 

 This is the Settings menu.

In the top left corner of the Live Blog interface, you will find the settings menu. Clicking on the Settings menu will open a new pane on the left.

In the Admin Tools section of the settings menu, users with appropriate permissions can add new users or disable current users as well as manage the display themes. To exit the settings menu, click on the Blog List link at the top.

In the main Blog List view, you can switch between seeing active blogs and archived blogs by using the tabs at the top of the Blog List window. Archived blogs are blogs that are no longer active.  Archived blogs can not be updated unless the status is changed back to active.

Just below the Active blogs tab, you will find a search bar. Use this search bar to find specific blog by typing in blog titles or part of the blog description. 

In the top right corner of the Live Blog interface, you will find your user icon, as well as the Create Icon.

Clicking on your user icon will open a new pane on on the right with system notifications. Directly below your username, you will find links to edit your profile and as well as the link to sign out of Live Blog. Click on your user icon in the top right corner again to close this pane.

Just below your user icon, you will find the Create icon. Clicking on the Create icon in the Blog List window allows you to make a new blog.      

Below the create icon, you will find options to adjust your Blog List view. You can customise how your blogs are displayed by adjusting the number of blogs per page, using the drop-down Page Size menu. Skip forwards or backwards through the Blog using the skip arrows. Lastly, you can switch between a list view and a grid view using the icons depicted below. The grid view allows for room to view the Blog Image.

 Switch to a list view by clicking on this icon.

 Switch to a grid view by clicking on this icon.

Once you’ve clicked on a blog, you will be taken the the Editor / Timeline view of your selected blog. This is where you can add new content to your blog, as well as view all the previous blog entries.

 This is the Blog List icon.

When you’re in the Editor mode, you can return to the Blog List view, by clicking on the Blog List icon.


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