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Airtime Pro - Auto DJ settings

The Auto DJ feature provides complete automation of show-creation and scheduling by automatically filling in any shows missing content, as well as gaps in the station schedule.

The Auto DJ will not interfere with manually scheduled shows except to fill them with content (assuming the option in the Preferences section is enabled). Auto DJ shows will always end prior to any manually scheduled show regardless of Generated Show Length.

To remove a show generated by the Auto DJ, make sure to toggle Auto DJ off before deletion or the show might be immediately rescheduled. Future Auto DJ shows may be moved on the calendar like any other show, however when an Auto DJ show is moved, a new show will be generated to replace it. Note that this may cause unwanted repetition of tracks once the Auto DJ show is moved to the new time, as the tracks in it will remain unchanged.

AutoDJ shows are generated one hour prior to airing.

In order to make use of the AutoDJ feature, you will first need to make a Rotation. You can read about how to make Rotations here

The Auto DJ Settings can be found under Auto DJ in the Settings menu on the left side of the Airtime interface. Select Settings > Auto DJ.


Further details about the Auto DJ settings are found below:

Enabled toggle: Automatically fill manually created shows - If checked, shows created by any user with some or no content will be assigned an Auto DJ Rotation and filled one hour before playout.

Default Show Name - The name assigned to all shows generated by the Auto DJ.

Generated Show Length (hours) - The length of shows generated by the Auto DJ, in hours. For best results use Auto DJ shows of 1-3 hours. 

Rotation - The Rotation used to fill the shows generated by the Auto DJ. The selected Rotation cannot be deleted until a new Rotation is assigned. Some Auto DJ-generated shows may be automatically extended. Auto DJ will always try to end shows on the hour, however if the Rotation you select cannot, it will extend the duration of the show slightly.

Auto DJ Show Logo
: Customise the Auto DJ show logo for your Radio Page by clicking on the Choose file button. Choose an image to upload an image from your computer. Anything larger than 2000 x 2000 pixels will be resized. If you’ve uploaded a file that you’re not happy with, click on the Remove Default Logo button to delete the file and start again.

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