How do I log in to the Live Blog Reporter app?


You can use the Live Blog Reporter app to update your blogs from your tablet or smartphone. The app is specifically designed for mobile devices. The Live Blog Reporter app is FREE. The Live Blog Reporter app allows access to a mobile friendly version of the Editor Mode. You must first download the application from your device’s app store: Google Play or the Apple App Store, depending on your device. Search for “Live Blog Reporter App” in your device’s application store.

To log in to your Live Blog Reporter app, you will use the same username and password as you use for your web-based Live Blog instance. NOTE THE SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE LOGIN URL BELOW:

For Live Blog Pro customers, your Live Blog Reporter URL will be slightly different than your web URL. For Live Blog Pro customers, your URL will be your chosen blog name +

For example, if your blog name is myblog, your web application login URL is For you Live Blog Reporter app, your login URL will be

For self-hosted blogs, your URL will be the same one that you use for your web application. 


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