Settings menu - Profile settings

You can update your profile information in the Profile tab of the Settings menu, unless you are the station owner, in which case you must edit your information in the Billings tab. 

My Profile

The third section in the Settings tab is for editing your personal preferences. Click on the My Profile tab to view your current settings.

You cannot change your username. Your username is used for your login and is set when your user profile is created. It is possible to edit all the other fields in the My Profile section. You can change your password, first and last name, and contact information. Super Admins can also edit many of these options from the Billing > Account Details section.

The Language setting under My Profile allows you to change the language of your Airtime interface. Changing the language set under My Profile will override the default language that is set in the General Settings section of the Settings menu.

The Interface Timezone can be changed under the My Profile section. This changes the clock in the upper-right corner of the Airtime interface to your selected time zone. Your current timezone abbreviation is visible below the clock in the Airtime interface. This setting also determines what time zone your calendar is displayed in.

When you are happy with your profile changes, click Save to implement the changes.

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