Calendar - Creating a new show

Creating a new show

To add a new show to your Calendar, click the blue +New Show button in the top-right corner of the Calendar pane. This will open a tab to the left of the Calendar window where you can input information for your new show. 

What Section

Under the What section, enter a name for your show. You can optionally add an associated website, genre and description for the show in the text boxes provided. It’s possible to create the show without filling in the URL, genre and description fields. The website and show genre do not automatically appear on your Radio Page, but it’s possible to extract the data from the API for use on your personal website. The show name and show description will appear on your Radio Page. 

When Section

The When section of the New Show window allows you to choose the time that your show will air. You can choose a date from the calendar or type in the text box manually. The Duration will update automatically when the Start Time and End Time are entered.

If you accidentally enter an End Time that occurs before the Start Time of your show, the text boxes of the End Time will turn red. The timezone is set to the station timezone by default. You can change the timezone for ease of planning, but all shows are scheduled in UTC.

If you accidentally attempt to schedule a show that overlaps with a show that has already been created, you will get an error message above the Timezone drop-down menu informing you that your show cannot be created. 

Selecting the 'Link' checkbox will ensure that media items (Tracks, Playlists, Smart Blocks, etc.) placed in the show that you are creating will also repeat in all the other instances of that show. You create other instances of the same show by clicking on the Repeats checkbox. When the 'Link' checkbox is selected any content changes made to an upcoming instance of the show will be repeated in all of its upcoming repeats.

If you would like the show you are creating to repeat daily, weekly or monthly, clicking on the Repeats checkbox will open up options to select how often you would like your show to repeat. You can select options like weekly, bi-weekly or monthly from the drop-down menu. If you would like a show to repeat daily, check the weekly box and then choose the days of the week that you would like it to repeat using the Select Days checkboxes. It is not possible to have the same show repeat multiple times in a single day. 


The next section in the New Show tab is for Rotations. If you would like to fill the current show using a Rotation, you must first create a Rotation in the Rotations tab in the Airtime main menu. A Rotation is a set of criteria that Airtime can use to automatically generate show content. Once you have created a Rotation, you can enable it here and select your desired Rotation drop-down menu. If you set the drop-down selection to None, you can fill your show with Playlists, Podcasts, Webstreams, or Smart Blocks.

Live Stream Input Section

If you intend to use the show you’re creating for Live Streaming, you can enter the information that DJs will use to connect to Airtime using the compatible Live Stream software (for example Mixxx or BUTT). Enter the necessary information in the Live Stream input section.

Who Section

In the Who section of the New Show window, you can assign control of a show to certain DJs by selecting the checkbox beside their name in the list. Search for users by typing their name or username into the search bar, or by scrolling through your list of DJs.

Style Section

You can customise the colour of the block and the text within the Calendar display by adjusting them in the Style section.

When you click in the text boxes, it will open a colour palette for you to choose your desired colour. If you do not select a colour, one will be automatically assigned.

In this section, you can also assign a show logo. Select an image file from your computer by clicking on the Choose File button. You can use any jpg, png or gif for your show logo. Your show logo will be visible on your Radio Page.



When you are happy with the information that you have entered for your show, click the+Add this show button at the top or bottom of the New Show window.

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