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Filling your shows 


Once your show has been successfully created, you will see it in the Calendar. Unless you are using a Rotation, your show will be empty and needs to be filled manually. You will know that your show is empty because it will have an exclamation mark in an orange circle in the top-left corner of the show block. You might also see a warning at the top of the Calendar window in orange directing you to fill your show.

If your show had media in it, but is not completely filled, the exclamation mark will appear in the top-left corner of your show block in a white circle, instead of orange. If your show contains a rotation, the rotation icon will appear in the top-left corner of your show block.

To edit your show or add content to a newly created show, left-click on the show in the Calendar. An action menu will appear. This action menu is also how you can delete shows. It is not possible to delete or edit a show that has already aired. 

Click on the edit show button to change the show time, DJs, links, title or colours, etc. The Clear Show option is an easy way to empty the show if you’ve added the wrong media to it.

If you have a repeating show, you will notice that there are two options in the Action menu under the Edit section. Selecting the Edit Show option will change the information for the selected show, and all other instances of that show. The Edit Instance option will only change the information for single occurrences of the show that you’ve clicked on.

If you are not using a Rotation, you will need to manually add media to your show. Left-click on the show in the Calendar and select the Schedule Tracks option in the Action menu.

In the Schedule Tracks window, you will see the name of the show and the scheduled time along the top. Below the show name, you will see the tabs for Tracks, Playlists, Smart Blocks and Webstreams. Click on the appropriate tab for the media items you would like to add. It is possible to mix media types (for example, adding a Playlist and a Smart Block to the same show is fine). 

To add your media to your show, drag them from the media window on the left and drop them into your show window on the right. If you add a track that you don’t want in your show, select the checkbox beside the track and then click the red Remove button. 

If you want to delete all the Tracks that you have added, you can use the Select drop-down menu to Select all and then hit the red Remove button.

If the media you have added goes beyond the allotted time, you will see tracks highlighted in red and orange. Tracks highlighted in orange will be partly aired. Tracks in red will not be aired at all. You can click the Trim overbooked shows button to automatically cut the show to fit its time slot. The tracks highlighted in orange will be aired but will be cut off. All the tracks highlighted in red will be removed.

Once you have trimmed your show, a green bar will appear letting you know how much time you will need to extend or trim your show by without having to cut off tracks.

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