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Airtime - Live Broadcast

Live broadcasting in Airtime Pro requires the integration of a third party software. The optimal third party software will vary depending on your needs, your operating system, and whether your live broadcast will include live voice or live DJing.

For live broadcasting, you can use a variety of programs to integrate with Airtime Pro. Some examples include BUTT (Broadcast Using This Tool), Mixxx, Audio Hijack (or the legacy software Nicecast), Rocket Broadcaster, and SAM Broadcaster. There are other software programs that you can use but these mentioned above are the most common.

In general, you can use any program which has the ability to connect to an Icecast server.

Each software has advantages and disadvantages. For example, Mixxx and BUTT are free and open-source, whereas Nicecast (and Audio Hijack) and SAM broadcaster have associated costs. BUTT is great for live voice broadcasting, whereas Mixxx is specifically designed for live DJing and the mixing of tracks. 

BUTT works with Windows, MacOS and Linux. Nicecast is for MacOS only. Both SAM Broadcaster and Rocket Broadcaster are only available for Windows. 

Detailed instructions on how to connect BUTT, Mixxx, and Rocket Broadcaster with Airtime Pro are found on this help center.


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