Airtime First Time User Quick Start Guide

 What to do when logging in to Airtime Pro for the first time

After you sign up for Airtime Pro (or your free trial) you will receive an email letting you know that your Airtime station is ready. Once you receive that, you can log in at your chosen domain address (the website from which you can log in will be your chosen domain name + , for example:

Once you are logged in, you can begin adding tracks, programming radio content and managing your DJs.

This guide walks you through the navigation of that process. However, if you have any questions or concerns you can always ask our support team for a little help either in the live chat window located in the bottom corner of Airtime Help tab or emailing us at .

1. Set up your station timezone.

You’ll need to set the station timezone from the Settings menu before you start programming your content. This is the timezone that will be default for your station and new DJs. It will also be the timezone that your schedule shows on your Radio Page.

Click on the Settings tab. In the General section, scroll down until you see the Station Timezone setting. Select your desired timezone, then click the Save button.


2. Set up the interface (user) timezone

Any user, either admin or DJ, will want to set up a few details about themselves. An important setting is your timezone. Even if your station is set to a different timezone,  users can program their content and view the calendar in their local timezone.

Start by clicking on Settings tab, then click My Profile. You’ll see Interface Timezone as the last drop-down menu. Select the timezone you’d prefer and click Save.


3. Upload your media

Before you create shows, you will need to add media to your Airtime library.

Click the blue Upload button on the left side of Airtime Pro.

You can either click on the upload area, or drag and drop the files into the box.

Another option for uploading media is via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). You can find your FTP connection details in the Help section of the Airtime Pro menu. Select Help > FTP Upload to learn more. 


4. Schedule your first show

Now that you have media in Airtime you can begin to schedule your first show. Click on the Calendar tab in the navigation bar on the left.

Use the weekly view, since there isn’t anything in the calendar. As you schedule more content, the daily and monthly schedules will be more useful.

On the Calendar page, click on the day you want to schedule your show or click on the +New Show button. This will open a window on the left side of your screen with a series of details about your new show.

Name the show and select a time for it to be scheduled.

After you are finished filling in all the details, click the Add this show button.

This is a very basic way to schedule a show and the scheduler can do much more complex things. See the Calendar section on this Help Desk for tips on show scheduling and how to use the calendar.


5. Create your first Playlist

Creating playlists in Airtime is valuable because you have the option to reuse the same structure for multiple shows.

First click on the Playlist tab on the right side navigation menu. Click on the blue +New button. You’ll now have a new Playlist on the right side of the screen.

You can name the Playlist and write a description for it as well. Once you have named the Playlist, you can drag and drop media from your Tracks tab dashboard on the left into the Playlist on the right.

When you’re happy with your Playlist, click Save.

You can now schedule this Playlist for any show and continue to reuse it or modify it in the future. For a more in depth look at Playlists and scheduling using Smart Blocks, Webstreams and Rotations refer to the Features sections of this Help Desk.


6. Add content to your show

To add content to the show you have just created, click Calendar tab. You should see your show at the scheduled time. When you left click on your show, a series of options will appear.

Click the Schedule Tracks option. This will open a list of tracks that you’ve uploaded. Along the top of this window, you will see tabs for Tracks, Playlists, Smartblocks and Webstreams. Find the Playlist you made earlier by searching or scrolling through the library and drag it to the right side into your show. You can also highlight and drag individual tracks into your show.

You’ve now scheduled your first show!


7. Adding another DJ

If you’re planning to work with other contributors, you’ll need to add them as a DJ or a Program Manager. A DJ can upload content but can only add content to their assigned shows. A Program Manager can create/delete/edit shows and assign DJs to them but won’t have access to the Billing menu.

Click Settings and select Users from the menu to open the Manage Users screen. Click “+ New User” and fill in Username, Password and email, on the right hand side. Set the User Type to DJ and then click Save. This user will now be able to upload music and schedule tracks/playlists to shows you’ve assigned them to. For more information on adding users and their permissions, refer to the New Users and Permissions area of this Help Desk.

8. Turn on Auto DJ 

It's a good idea to turn on the AutoDJ to make sure that your listeners don't encounter silence when they tune in to your station. You can do this by selecting Settings > AutoDJ from the Airtime menu. We recommend using AutoDJ shows of 2 hours in length. You can read more about AutoDJ settings here. In order to make use of the AutoDJ feature, you will need to create a Rotation. You can read about how to make a Rotation here.

9. Share your station’s stream URL!

To preview what your Radio Page will look like for your listeners, click the Radio Page link on the left.

Once there you can copy the URL from your browser navigation bar and share it with your listeners however you like. Be sure to research the proper music licensing for your region if you intend to stream copyrighted content.

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